Going on adventures and seeking unseen paths takes us to a world filled with wondrous sights. If you are looking for a trip to thrill your adventurous nature, recharge yourself while reveling in natures' beauty or simply looking for an opportunity to bond with family and make new friends, AdPeak will make it possible for you.

“We will not only protect what we love, but we will also get others to love it the same way'

-Sara, co-founder of AdPeak Pte Ltd

How it all started?

Sara, the founder of AdPeak had the initial idea of marrying "nature adventures" and "conservation of nature" in 1997 when he was involved in forest protecting works with the forestry department in Malaysia. What started at the point as a discussion while at work, later led to him organizing treks and climbs for his school and university groups. He has always focused on bringing in nature education into every trek and climb at that time and was well received by all his participants.

As he moved on to the commercial world, he realized a huge gap existed between adventure and nature-education. In achieving the height of either one, another was being sacrificed. So, after some thought and discussion with same minded friends, Sara came with the idea of starting up an adventure company that will focus on both adventure and nature-education as a combined element.

How to make this happen?

"Firstly, it must start with us guides... if we are passionate for wellbeing of nature, our actions will show, and people can see it. And that's where it will begin. But of course, making sure the adventure portion is not neglected - that’s where science and art comes together."

Guides will be chosen, trained, and equipped with the adequate knowledge and skills, so that we can achieve this goal. We will ensure everyone carries the passion for nature. We get participants to feel it and nurture it in their thoughts even before signing up for the trips.

"Definitely it’s not easy because while making sure operational aspects are going fine, we may get carried away. So, need to find the balance."

Where we are now?

Today, we have wonderful pool of hikers/adventurers that are nature loving. We are moving into bringing nature close to participants both locally and overseas. We also have good partners at the countries that we go to, that has track records for the well-being of nature through the services they provide.

Our Team