When it comes to an adventurous outing, some prefer mountains, while other prefer the sea. Gunung Arong offers the best of both; a good climb up the hill with coastal view, and down to the beach, where you can relax, get a dip, and wind down for a bit.

Gunung Arong - is a gentle hill in the district of Mersing, below 300meters with the option to start the trek either from the sea side, or from the village side. Both comes with majestic sea view from the viewpoint right at the summit, and yet giving a different experience in term of trail challenge.

Usually, the starting point is determined by the tide level as there is a part of the coastal trail with a canal crossing. So, we do checks on the tide chart for the day of hike so that we can prepare the pre- and post-hike arrangements. My preference though is still the one that ends at the beach, with beautiful Instagram worthy spots to take brilliant pictures. You can choose to take off your shoes and have dip in the sea too.

My favorite part of all is the boulders crossing along the coast, especially when the tide is high and you don’t have any other way around it. Not to forget the photo-shoot posts that we can make on the boulders to make up a cover photo for our Facebook or Insta.

There are many nearby coastal resorts which can be picked too if the intention is to stay overnight to get a more relaxed weekend before getting back to the hustle of city life. That gives a leverage to enjoy the seafood (which Mersing is known for), and get an uninterrupted sunrise the next day over the South China Sea.

Difficulty Level



Johor, Malaysia


1-2 Days


270 m

Activity type


So, what is the plan?

0530am – Board transport at Woodland MRT Exit Cnn0730am – Meet up with guide (prepare day pack)nn0745am – 4WD transfer to trail headnn0845am – Briefing and stretchingnn0900am – Start of hikenn1100am – ETA Batu Tenggek✔nn1130am – ETA Panti North✔nn1230pm – ETA Panti East✔

What is included:

  • Round trip transportation from Singapore (as per itinerary)

  • Tour Leader from Singapore

  • Professional Mountain Guides

  • Permission & reports to relevant authorities

  • Expedition porter (For company equipment & ration)

  • Chef on the mountain

  • Camping meals

  • Porter to bring equipment and ration up the mountain

  • Group and external radio communication

  • 4WD transfer

  • Flysheet & ground sheet (A-frame tent)

  • Certification of climb

What is not included:

  • Group, personal, equipment, belongings, travel, or other types of insurance coverage during expedition dates.

  • Personal camping equipment

  • Travel, meals, accommodation, and other items not mentioned above prior and after the expedition

  • Emergency evacuation cost

  • Visa to Malaysia

  • Personal Medication

  • Meals other than specified in the itinerary

  • Travel insurance

Important: nTravel insurance: always good to have when on travels out of the country. It is the responsibility of the agency to remind participants on the travel insurance, but it is the responsibility of the participants to purchase the insurance. nThe camping style at G7 mountains can be different from the common camping experiences that you may have had in the past. As the camping site is only meant to be a temporary resting site before proceeding with the summit climb, we will have a mass tent facility known as the A-frame tent, with ground sheet. You can bring your sleeping bag (it can be cold past midnight) to lay on the ground sheet to make yourself comfortable. n