The height of a mountain is not an indication of how difficult the terrain will be, or a determining factor of the kind of view one can get from its summit. This describes well of Gunung Panti, which is situated in the north of Kota Tinggi, Johor.

Though not a very high mountain at a height of 531m, Gunung Panti is very prominent from a distance and gives a spread of view at its summit. The unique shape of the mountain makes it easy to be recognized - some call it the table-top of southern Malaysia

So what’s more?

To gain the best of Panti, we will be doing Trans-Panti during this hike. In mountain trekking world, “trans” refers to ending your trek different from where you start, which means you will not take the same route up and down the mountain.

There are mainly two challenges one will have to go through to complete this hike. The first is a steep wall face that needs to be climbed before reaching the summit. The second part is the roots obstacle on the way down. As such, this trek is recommended for those with basic fitness (preferably with experience of trekking/hiking) and for those who are comfortable with heights.

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1 Day



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So, what is the plan?

  • 05:30am – Board transport at Woodland MRT Exit C
  • 07:30am – Meet up with guide (prepare day pack)
  • 07:45am – 4WD transfer to trail head
  • 08:45am – Briefing and stretching
  • 09:00am – Start of hike
  • 11:00am – ETA Batu Tenggek
  • 11:30am – ETA Panti North
  • 12:30pm – ETA Panti East
  • Running Lunch
  • 13:45pm – ETA Puncak Gaung (viewing point)
  • 15:00pm – ETA Panti Central
  • 16:00pm – ETA Panti West
  • 18:30pm – End of Trans-Panti
  • 19:15pm – Clean up and board transport
  • 19:45pm – Drop by at Kota Tinggi town for dinner (at your own expense)
  • 22:00pm – ETA arrival at Singapore (Woodlands MRT)

#this is just an estimated time based on average speed. Actual duration is still subjected to weather
conditions and pace of participants on the actual day.

What is included:

  • Round trip transportation from Singapore (as per itinerary)

  • Tour Leader from Singapore

  • Local guide, mountain permit and relevant reporting to authorities

What is not included:

  • Visa to Malaysia (if applicable)

  • Personal Medication

  • Personal travel insurance

  • Meals during the trip


Travel insurance: always good to have when on travels out of the country. It is the responsibility of the agency to remind participants on the travel insurance, but it is the responsibility of the participants to purchase the insurance.