Write up:

If you have not done caving before, this will certainly be a great experience for you; from trekking through the forests surrounding the caves and crawling through the crevices. And for those who want to take it light, you can sit by your tent enjoying the moonlight that is shining in through the mouth of the cave hall.

A trip in disclosing the Mystery and Beauty of Kota Gelanggi Caves, Pahang.

Pahang is the largest state in Peninsular Malaysia, and the third largest in Malaysia. Geographically, two third of this state is covered by dense rainforest and is home to the highest of the G7 summits of Malaysia; Gunung Tahan. Having developed into a maritime trading state in the 3rd century, Pahang has a deep historical background as much as natural richness.

One such place that I like, which is also a very significant one in terms of its maturity and history, is the Kota Gelanggi caves. It is said to be a million-year-old limestone cave complex.

We first visited the Kota Gelanggi Caves in Dec 2019, after finishing a sunrise climb up a nearby hill. In that first visit itself we were impressed with the place and the team that was managing it.

What’s special about this place?

Firstly, the team admitted that they are still in the phase of discovering more about the caves, its past history, and that there are more than what meets the eyes in the cave’s exploration. That humbleness is necessary for an explorer.

Secondly, the team is determined to keep the forest and caves as natural as possible – way more sustainable than the SDG (sustainable development goals). A nature path was formed by natural movement by the team, without usage of any additional planks, wood, concrete or metal… no foreign objects in the forest and caves. Fallen trees are part of nature, so no trees were chopped to clear the path, and instead they just navigate around it to reach the cave’s entrance. During my walk to and fro the cave, I only saw one metal ladder to go up one of the rocks. But even that metal ladder was a standalone one, placed with just one side of it hooked to the upper part of the rock to hold it.

Thirdly, people that come to this place are educated on how to take care of the place, by not leaving traces of trash, and they themselves being an example.

Lastly, the history that is known so far, and the folklore surrounding this place is really interesting and keeps the quest going.

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Difficulty Level



Pahang, Malaysia


2 Days

Activity type

Caving / Camping

So, what is the plan?

Day 1

  • 6.00am                 Depart from Singapore
  • 2.00pm                 Estimated arrival at Gua Kota Gelanggi
  • 2.30pm                 Setup campsite
  • 3.00pm                 Caving activity 1 (via forest trail)
  • 5.00pm                 Rest, relax, clean up
  • 6.00pm                 Dinner by the cave
  • 7.30pm                 Caving activity 2 (Night walk to the moon cave)
  • 9.30pm                 Campsite chitchat / wind down for the day

Day 2

  • 5.00am                 Get ready for sunrise hike @ nearby hill
  • 5.45am                 Estimated arrival at hill base / start hike
  • 6.45am                 Estimated arrival at Sunrise viewing point
  • 7.20am                Continue to Summit – Rainforest viewpoint
  • Breakfast
  • 9.00am                 Estimated arrival at base / Depart back to cave   Rest / walk around enjoying nature
  • 12.00pm               Lunch by the cave
  • 1.15pm                 Depart to SG
  • 8.30pm                 Estimated arrival at Singapore

What is included:

  • Round trip transportation from Singapore (as per itinerary)

  • Tour Leader from Singapore

  • Trek Permit / Caving Guide

  • Cave Entrance Fee / Conservation Fee

  • Conservation Fee

  • Dinner Day 1 / Breakfast & Lunch Day 2

What is not included:

  • Visa to Malaysia (if applicable)

  • Personal Medication

  • Personal travel insurance

  • Meals not mentioned above

What to bring?

          • Water to drink during the hike and trek - at least 1.5litres / based on our consumption
          • Comfortable clothes to trek at tropical terrain, sufficient cloths for the trip
          • Headlamp (must have) & gloves (good to have)
          • Sleeping bag for use on the camping day
          • Hiking shoes with good grip
          • Buff, cap, suitable headwear (good to have)
          • Sunscreen, insect repellent, etc
          • Hiking stick (not compulsory)
          • City clothes to return to Singapore
          • Sandals, night cloths for overnight stay
          • Towel, toiletries, etc
          • Poncho / raincoat
          • Waterproof bag pack
          • Personal medication (if needed)
          • Malaysian Ringgit


Travel insurance: always good to have when on travels out of the country. It is the responsibility of the agency to remind participants on the travel insurance, but it is the responsibility of the participants to purchase the insurance.