Write up:

Getting back to nature is always a retreat no matter where. What more when you can get a personalized tour that connects the nature of the place you visit, and the culture of its people…

So, where are we hiking?

Tanjung Surat is a fishing village at the southern tip of Malaysia, where the villagers have depended on the resources that the natural landscape have provided them over the years. However, much changes have been taking place to the landscape in Tanjung Surat, caused by external exploitation. And today, the villagers have to defend the lands and waters for the survival of their upcoming generations.

What’s special about this place?

A visit to this place gives an idea of the indigenous people of our region (The Orang Laut, which means the people of the sea), who will be our local guides. There is a simple hike up the Bukit Belungkor, which gives an overview of the changing landscape from 200 meters above sea level.

Followed by a local lunch spread, and a boat ride to the southern Johor mangroves along Sungai Belungkor (Belungkor River) to learn about mangroves, the benefits that mangroves provide to the nature and humans, and the steps that are being taken by the locals and student researchers from a local university to preserve and protect their mangroves.

Most importantly, the personal sharing from the locals about the biodiversity that influenced the lifestyle of the people living in its vicinity - a journey of their existence.

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Difficulty Level



Johor, Malaysia


1 Days



Activity type


So, what is the plan?

  • 6.00am                 Depart from Singapore
  • 9.00am                 Estimated arrival at Tanjong Surat
  • 9.30am                 Bukit Belungkor trekking experience - Nature and culture
  • 1.30pm                 Lunch
  • 2.45pm                 Gather at Jetty, Mangrove tour
  • 4.45pm                 Back to Jetty, Mangrove tour wrap-up
  • 5.00pm                 Quick clean-up / depart to R&R
  • 6.30pm                 R&R for shower / dinner
  • 7.30pm                 Depart to SG
  • 10.00pm               Estimated arrival at SG (Subjected to traffic conditions)

#this is just an estimated time based on average speed. Actual duration is still subjected to weather conditions and
pace of participants on the actual day.

What is included:

  • Transportation SG > Tanjung Surat > SG

  • Tour Lead from Singapore

  • Guided Hiking Experience at Bukit Belungkor

  • Guided Mangrove Tour package

  • Lunch @ Kampong Belungkor

What is not included:

  • Visa to Malaysia (if applicable)

  • Personal Medication

  • Personal travel insurance

  • Meals not mentioned above

What to bring?

  • Water at least 1.5litres / based on your consumption
  • Comfortable clothes to climb steep slopes and tropical terrain, preferable dry-fit
  • Headlamp & gloves (compulsory)
  • Hiking shoes with good grip
  • Buff, cap, suitable headwear (not compulsory, good to have)
  • Sunscreen, insect repellent, etc
  • Hiking stick (not compulsory)
  • Change of clothes to return to Singapore
  • Towel, toiletries, etc
  • Poncho / raincoat


Travel insurance: always good to have when on travels out of the country. It is the responsibility of the agency to remind participants on the travel insurance, but it is the responsibility of the participants to purchase the insurance.